Corporate upgrades

It would be nice to see the corporation have a skill tree, that is slightly larger then the current skill tree.

This will help corporations tailor to running unique-faction or race specific buffs, diversifying the clans.

and making some more attractive for various aspects in the game each buff will have 5 levels to it, increasing a base amount (1%-5%) per a level. The corporations will generate exp from the amount of kills the corporations have done. As a result on release all corps will be able to spend into buffs a little.

these buffs should be very expensive to upgrade and learn. Each kill can be worth 250 or 500 points.

Each skill should cost min 25,000 exp to learn 1 level. and should increase per each rank, so something like 25k, 50k, 100k, 250k, 500k

Some examples of corporate buffs/talents

Increase rep gain

increase rep gain

increase exp gain

increase plasma charge speed

increase plasma damage

increase rail charge speed

increase rail damage

increase beam damage

longer firing time on beams (less heating)

faster reload on missiles

increase movement speed