New Combat Mechanic

I had a good idea the other day.

Make the asteroids all have mass. And make the mass dense (very high, like 10,000 or 25,000). Make them not move.

Add a space law to the game, when you orbit the asteroid at less then 500 meters, when you leave from being 500 meters from the asteroid, you gain a 5-10 second speed boost (basic on the amount of time you orbited the asteroid), must be at a specific level of movement speed ( min 50ms) to get the buff.

That is funny. Asteroids of that size can’t possibly have enough mass for that trick. Also, useless for gameplay, not making it any better. Time spent orbiting will be more, then time saved by speed boost.

well originally i thought that 10k mass would be a large amount, make it 1000million, it dont matter, or just change the equation for it.

originally i dident have the orbit mechanic in there, but i added it so that you cant sit behind the rock, then run away when you get rush (this would only support the already retard amount of sniping).

so a sort of mechanic was added to be required to get the boost.